Of Times and Days

This group of ceramic sculptures is informed by the artists’ interest in reconnecting to natural life rhythms. The works reflect a seasonal way of thinking and are made in a direct association with times od day or month. The figures are designed to be symbolic of an internal journey, quietly impacting the space around them or the viewer who comes close. The figures have a rough textured surface, inspired by natural rock and earthen formations.

The condition of the figures lend themselves to the viewer’s engaging in the process of “reconnection” by joining in the natural transcendent element of the work. The figures lead the viewer into the possibility of the invisible world and spiritual uplift within various stages of contemplation. They reflect a way of living within actual moments of life: the day, the month and time of year.

The work projects an ancient connection of humanity’s need: an internal search for meaning. It raises consciousness above the distractions of the contemporary and engages deeply with the reality of the natural world.