Measure of Duration

“In Catling’s hands, selfless receptivity is amply rewarded: The insights that can be gleaned from his dual-purpose people—which are both vehicles and vessels—set inquisitive visitors to thinking, imaginatively and fancifully yet reasonably and realistically, about our own selves as vehicles and vessels that carry us, literally, through life, but are not completely defined by such pedestrian purposes.

Catling’s wonderfully down-to-earth works expand our capacity to understand that our bodies are vehicles for understanding—not merely tools for physical transport, but occasions for journeys that take us far beyond the literal distances we actually travel, into dimensions commonly referred to as internal, subjective, poetic, existential, or spiritual. Such labels matter little to Catling, or to his unpretentious, experience-oriented works, which embrace the real gist of things, rather than the various ways such firsthand experiences get translated, categorized, turned into formulas, and, eventually, institutionalized—historically, stylistically, and conceptually.” read more…

by David Pagel